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Are you worried about the cost of a legal claim against your employer? Are you puting off an unfair dismissal employment tribunal claim due to fear of escalating legal fees?


Whilst professional legal advice is often viewed as expensive, or even unaffordable, it doesn’t have to be. Our flexible pricing options include ‘no win – no fee’ agreements. ‘No win – No fee’ agreements are often used for Employment Tribunal cases.

Employment tribunal claims

What is a "no win no fee" claim?

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A "no win no fee" claim is a claim funded via an agreement entered into between an employment law solicitor and an individual, whereby no charge is made for the services provided unless some form of damages or compensation is recovered on the individual’s behalf. In the event that compensation is recovered a percentage of that compensation will be paid to the employment law solicitor in respect of professional services.


The advantages of such an agreement are numerous, but here are just a few examples:

At Employment Law Solicitors we are always willing to consider the possibility of entering into a "no win no fee" agreement and are always happy to discuss this option further.

  • A "no win no fee" claim generally doesn’t require an ‘up front’ payment or ‘payment on account’.

  • If your claim is not successful, you do not pay anything. This is because the employment solicitor’s fees are calculated as a percentage of any compensation recovered, your interests are aligned.

  • "No win no fee" claims provide those with a potentially strong claim but no means of funding the claim the opportunity to obtain high quality legal representation from specialist employment lawyers.